Welcome to Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. Here at Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. we understand the goals of the real estate agent. We want to help you reduce the time a property is on the market, increase the value of the property you are selling, and increase your chances of winning your next listing.

“Find your buyer the perfect home in less time.”

Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. helps you to reduce the time a property is on the market by increasing the likelihood that you are able to find that perfect home for your buyers. This allows you to “show” many more properties to buyers in a shorter amount of time and with less stress on the seller.

“Win More listings.”

Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. will help you win more listings because you will be able to offer the latest cutting edge technology to potential clients. Who wouldn’t want the best marketing tool on the market? Your portfolio of homes will be at your fingertips and readily available to everyone through social media and MLS embeddable links.

“Create emotional ties and develop relationships.”

The ability of buyers to tour the homes you offer in the privacy of their home and in virtual reality will allow those clients to build the emotional ties to the property that are needed to persuade a buyer to purchase a new home. Here at Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. our goal is to help ease the matchmaking process for home buyers and sellers. You can help your buyers by increasing the chances they will find the home of their dreams, and you can help your sellers by reducing the amount of visits to the home while increasing the marketability of their home.

“Create a strong visual portfolio of homes.”

Virtual Viewpoint will help you to develop a strong visual portfolio of homes, which will lead to winning more listings, and decreasing the home’s time on the market. You can offer potential buyers, a more immersive experience than the current mainstream technology.

“Tear down geographic barriers and increase your market size.”

Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. is also tearing down geographic barriers by allowing consumers to tour homes from anywhere in the world. People moving to the area will be able to make a more informed decision about purchasing a home if they are able to view the home using a Virtual Viewpoint 3D scan.

“Meet the needs and wants of both your buyers and sellers.”

Your sellers will come away happier if their home sells quicker and closer to the asking price. Your buyers will come away happier because they have a better potential of finding the home that meets their needs and wants.

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